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About Us

PRANAVAM - The PRAvasi NAmbiars of VAdakke Malabar - took birth on 26th September, 2014. A community hailing from Northern part of Kerala felt the need of their presence to be spread in the state of Karnataka specifically Bengaluru. A few distinguished personalities of the Pravasi Nambiar community in Bengaluru under the leadership of Shri T. Prabhakaran Nambiar, Retired Judge from Karnataka, registered PRANAVAM Trust as a Public Charitable Trust at Bengaluru.

Historically, the Nambiar community in Kerala was spread over from the bank of Korappuzha River near Kozhikode up to the bank of Chandragiripuzha near Kasargod. It has been documented that Nambiars had formed the most distinguishable feature of the population of the northern parts of Malabar. History also records that Nambiars were warriors, belonged to the upper echelons of the society and followed the matriarchy.

Today, Nambiars hold high positions in all walks of life both in India and the Indian Diaspora. Known for their intelligence and compassion, our community members have often proved perfection in leadership and administration.

The Garden City of Bengaluru has a large number of Nambiar families (approximately 5,000) holding various positions in Government, Public & Private Organisations, IT, MNCs and also as Entrepreneurs. We are indeed proud that our community members are holding such covetable positions. PRANAVAM is going to be the pavilion for every member of the Nambiar family and a platform to join hands together for the upbringing & welfare of Nambiars residing in Karnataka in general and Bengaluru in particular.


  • To provide a common platform for Nambiar community living in Karnataka in general & Bengaluru in particular for social get-together, cultural exchanges and festivities.
  • Networking amongst Nambiar community in Bengaluru and with similar organizations for furthering community's interest
  • To provide facilities for knowledge development by setting up Educational Institutions and Training Centres.
  • To institute scholarships & awards for needy and meritorious students.
  • To assist the sick and needy people by providing facilities for hospitalisation, treatment and also at times of tragedy.
  • Establishing and promoting centres of excellence in arts, music, dance, folklore and the like.
  • To develop the youth and prepare them for facing the challenges of their employability by providing professional training.
  • To establish a Matrimony Bureau in Bengaluru to enable eligible bachelors and spinsters in Nambiar community to tie their knots.
  • To establish Geriatric & Rehabilitation centres.
  • And much more...

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Contact Details

Telephone: (+91) 9448480318/9343751435

PRANAVAM Trust (Regd.),
“Sree Mookambika Nivas”,
# 730, HAL 3rd Stage, 1st Block, 4th Main,
New Thippasandra, Bengaluru - 560 075